Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I want to do... // Decorate!

It's almost time for me to move into my new home, and I am so excited! I am so looking forward to making that little apartment a home for Adam and I. We just miss getting to decorate for Christmas this year, but we are pretty much all set for next year. : ) Grandma and Grandpa gave us their old Christmas tree (so excited!), we have LOTS of ornaments from the wedding to use, and we even have our own, hand-knit stockings (Thanks, Peggy!).

Since the wedding is right after Christmas this year my family is deciding not to celebrate until February, so I have a little extra time to get their gifts ready (maybe this could be an every-year-tradition? lol.) I really want most of the gifts I give to be handmade, so I need to start planning things out NOW! I already have a really great idea for Mom, but I would really like to get a combined gift for my parents... and the boys... who knows what I could make them! Ugh.. it's a good think I have some time to think about these things. : )

On the topic of handmade things... I really want to make a lot of our decorations for next year. I'm thinking a cute Christmas skirt, some wreaths, centerpieces, and some ornaments! Oh, I can't wait for Christmas!!! I wonder, since we are celebrating in February, if Adam wouldn't mind decorating a little early/late this year? Hmm... something to think about it. Who could say no to more Christmas cookies, goodies, and music! : )

Tis the season,