My Story

My idea behind the title, "Smitten with a Smidge" was that it takes something so simple to inspire me to be creative. It could be the pattern on a cup, the colors on a shower curtain, or the pictures on a blog that catch my eye and make me want to create something of my very own. Those little ideas or smidges of detail are enough to get my creative juices flowing. 

I have wanted a crafty business of my very own for about six months now. During these past six months I have dabbled in everything from drawing and painting to sewing and embroidery. I have just been trying to find my "nitch"  in this creative-blog-world I've found myself caught up in. Here recently I've found that it's those smidges of detail on ordinary things that make them extraordinary. These touches of loveliness could be doodles on a journal cover, embroidery on a tea towel. or a bow on a handbag and yet they're the very thing that tickles my fancy and causes me to be "Smitten with a Smidge". 

I'm hoping to have my very own Etsy shop this fall full of little "smidges" of creative things. This blog will help promote my business (once I get one!) and chronicle the journey of getting my business started. I also wanted this blog to be full of inspiration and ideas for other people to create smidges of creativity in their everyday lives.