Friday, August 27, 2010

Yesterday was fabric.

Fabric Time!
It's true. Yesterday I was home by myself and I was feeling like getting crafty with some of my new fabric stash (Trader Baker special!)... so I did. : )

I made this cute little owl. I'm pretty proud of myself actually. I also tried to make a handy, little notebook cover too, but that didn't turn out so great. It's functional but sort of on the wacky side. 

Oh, well.
My next one is going to be awesome! : )

My owl still needs to be stitched to the cover, and I plan on doing this by hand with some embroidery thread. I love how you can add so much personality with just some different colored thread! 
So, yesterday's project was pretty fun... and it hurt my back... or maybe it was the intense workout routine that my brother had me do earlier that morning?
My owl was inspiring and gave me a great idea for an outfit for the costume party I'm going to tomorrow night. Any guesses on what I'm going to be? I'll share pics tomorrow.


Happy Friday!

Friday Night = Busy!

I'm chilling at work now and will be heading to a concert later. Hope you're enjoying the new blog so far. I'll be working on next week's debut special feature posts this weekend. : ) I'm really excited about these and hope  you guys love them!

 Here's a reminder of what the special feature posts are:
*Monday-Feeling Beautiful in Vintage Brooches
*Wednesday- Frame it Up!
*Friday- Personalized Paper Pennants

Have a super great weekend!


My Favorite Indie Music Artist: A Fine Frenzy

She's cute, quirky, and very talented it's... Alison Studol from A Fine Frenzy! 

I absolutely adore all of A Fine Frenzy's music. They have a folksy/quirky sound that is super catchy and I find myself singing along to all the songs... even if I don't really know them. : ) I love her lyrics and mad piano skills. This artist is definitely one you can chill out to or jam to. These songs really help get me inspired.

She also makes me really want to dye my hair red... 

Check the links to these videos... they're some of my favorites. : )

Hope these tunes help you get your groove on... and inspire you to be creative!


Color me crazy...

These bright colors make me happy. Hope they do the same for you!

P.S- Now I really want to make an art journal, watch a Disney classic, sit in a colorful chair, and eat a cupcake.... sounds like a good Friday night to me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to: Smitten with a Smidge!

I am so excited to get to finally share my new blog! I really feel like this blog is a good combination of everything I personally love in a blog.... visual inspiration, creativity, links to other fun blogs, & lots of new things to try! There are going to be daily inspirational posts that have creative pictures, songs, or videos that I find inspiring (and hopefully you do too!). Along with the daily inspiration there will also be special weekly features (introduced below...) that touch on a little bit of everything. : ) I will also be writing about what's going on creatively in my life and will be sharing personal goals/ideas.... PLUS lots and lots of lists (they're one of my favorite things....)! 

To kick us off right, here's a list of some things to be looking forward to in the near future:

*my favorite indie music artist
*local artist reviews/info
*personal thrift finds and crafty projects

 I'm super excited about this blog and I'm looking forward to getting started on all of the fun stuff I have planned. : )

{That's me!}

Weekly Special Feature: Life

 {Me + You = Crazy}

"Me + You = Crazy" is a special weekly feature here at Smitten with a Smidge all about life! This special feature will (hopefully!) inspire everyone to get creative in the everyday things. Look forward to D.I.Y.'s about fun (and cheap!) gift wrapping, handmade cards, and lots more! There will also be creative ideas about "Thinking of You" dinners and birthday party themes. You can find your creative inspiration for the daily things here at Smitten with a Smidge every Friday!

~Coming Friday, September 3rd: Personalized Paper Pennants!~

***Just a note... all of the pics came from We<3It. My computer still doesn't like me... ugh... ***

Weekly Special Feature: Fashion

{Everyday Runway}
"Everyday Runway" is going to be a weekly feature on fashion here at Smitten with a Smidge. I really hope this special weekly feature will spark everyone's creativity and will help them feel more beautiful (and fashionable!) in their daily lives. You can find your weekly fashion fix here at Smitten with a Smidge every Monday!

~Coming Monday the 30th: Feeling Beautiful in Vintage Brooches~

***All of the pics from this post are from We<3It. I had taken my own pics, but my computer wouldn't download them... : ( Hopefully my pics will be up soon!***

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly Special Feature: The Home

Originally uploaded by Miss "M"
{Welcome Home}

"Welcome Home" is going to be a weekly special feature here at Smitten with a Smidge all about the home! The whole purpose of this weekly special feature is to inspire everyone to get creative in their own homes. I hope to show that even the *smidges* of detail in a room can make the space extraordinary! You can find your weekly decorating inspiration here at Smitten with a Smidge every Wednesday!

~Coming Wednesday, September 1st: Frame It Up!~