Tuesday, October 18, 2011


No cute outfits today. It's midterm week.... ugh... I seriously can't believe it's that time already!

Well, after a few (maybe more) hours of hard work and studying I managed to pull all A's on my midterms. Yay! I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself... so I celebrated with a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.


It was delicious. <3

On the outfit note, if you scroll down the page a little bit you can find the outfit I wore to school last week. I thought it was pretty cute, but today's weather leaned more toward me dressing in my "almost sweat pants" skirt and Aero polo. Can't say that I looked super fashionable, but I managed to stay warm and comfy all day.

And that worked for me. :)

Hopefully, I can share another outfit post in the near future. I've found some pretty awesome bargains the past couple weekends.

Until then, please enjoy this clip I found about the "evolution of fashion"...

{Love this.}


Monday, October 17, 2011

It's that time of year...

I love fall, but this time of year is so stinking busy! It struck me that Adam and I may have overbooked this past weekend when I was putting green eyeliner and red lipstick on in a car going about 65mph on the back roads out to my Nana's house... and Adam looked like he just stepped out of an explosion.

If you couldn't guess... we were on our way to a Halloween party. I was a character from the Lawrenece Welk Show and Adam was the newly regenerated Doctor Who. It was tons of fun. I took no pictures to remember all the fun we had though. I'm cool like that.

Along with the Halloween party, Adam and I attended- my little brother's senior play (he was amazing!), my little brother's last home soccer game, a hog roast, and our church's annual harvest party.

I also visited Wal Mart three times, Goodwill twice, and drove by the house I'm stalking about five times (I'm not a creeper... I'm just watching to make sure it hasn't sold). All within a two day period.


Tis the season!

And today is Monday. Time to do it all over again.

Let's all take a deep breath and a sip of hot tea together... do not perform those two tasks at the same time! I do not need to be responsible for anyone aspirating....

and remember to slow down and enjoy the crisp fall air, pretty colors, and yummy smells of the season.

{Pics from a cookout at Mom and Dad's last weekend}

Happy Fall!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Yellow Love}

It's Tuesday, so that means it's my crazy class day. The college I go to has a pretty strict dress code, and I have made it my personal challenge to come up with "approved" outfits out of my thrift and vintage finds. I have to admit... it's pretty fun. ^..^ 

Here's what I wore today-

Sweater: Old Navy
Button-Up: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Ring: Thrifted


Pumpkin Patch {Love}

I had promised my "kids" from school that I would get them some baby pumpkins to decorate on Friday. So, this made for the perfect excuse to visit this adorable pumpkin patch I found near our home.... we may have gotten a Starbucks and pumpkin pie blizzard too... <3

{I love baby pumpkins}

 {Oh, no! We are regenerating!!!}

{Mmm... first pumpkin pie blizzard of the season... most definitely not the last}

{My handsome boy}
We had a fantastic time picking out our cute, little pumpkins and my class loved them! I do believe we made a new autumn time tradition. I love my little family. <3