Sunday, January 23, 2011

Out of the woods and into the city....

Having grown up as a woodland princess in the back hills of Martinsville, being married has brought all sorts of new experiences for me. Things like dishwashers, garbage disposals, automatic car starters, thermostats, and living in the "city". It's been interesting to say the least, but my wonderful husband has been so gracious as to show me how to enjoy all of the new, "modern" conveniences that are in my life.

For example, the other day Adam and I shared this conversation-

Adam: Hey, Babe... I'm not trying to be condescending, but you do know that the garbage disposal is only on one side of sink, right?

Me: Umm... yeah, I think so... why? Is there food on the other side?

Adam: Yes. There's bacon sticking out of the drain.

So, I may not have been listening when he showed me how to use the garbage disposal... my bad.

Out of her element,
The Woodland Princess


  1. You may not know how to use the garbage disposal but you sure can drive in 4-wheel drive! You will adjust to city life my woodland princess! Love Mom

  2. That made me laugh! Without dogs or open fields, I cannot live without a garbage disposal! It's one of my "must-haves". You will learn to love it as well (as long as you are using the correct side; otherwise, it might become rather unpleasant in a few days!)