Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Bridesmaids...

Gift Time!!!!
I made these super cute gifts for my bridesmaids this past weekend. I attached a little card to each of the jars that said, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"  (All of the cards had owls on them... of course!) There is going to be four bridesmaids in my wedding, so I was able to ask three of them on Sunday... all I have left is one more! Hope she says yes. : )

The girls are going to be wearing dark purple dresses for the wedding. We haven't found the dresses yet, but I'm hoping that we can check that off our list soon. Mom and I did snag their flowers on Friday night and they are gorgeous ($2 a bouquet too!)! They are so perfect... I just can't believe it! I'll be sure to post pics of them soon. 

My Bridesmaids!

Here is me with one of my bridesmaids and best girls... Shannon. : )

Here's another one of my girls... Hopey! (This pic is soooo old... lol.) Not only is she one of my closest friends, she is my future sister-in-law. : )

Here are Shannon, Hope, and I together. So cute.

Here's my fourth bridesmaid (Adam's sister) Karlee. She is the one I haven't been able to ask yet... I really hope she says yes... considering I've blogged about her and all... : )

This is my maid-of-honor... Emily. We're pretty much more like sisters. I miss her so much right now! She's down in Florida going to school. Thank goodness for e-mail and camera phones.... : )

Well, there are my girls. I'm so excited to have these great girls in my life... and my wedding! Now it's time to go dress shopping. : ) 


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