Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A few quick things...

Here are just a few quick things I wanted to share with you--

#1- I worked Wednesday-Sunday + went to school... this explains a few things, like why I didn't blog this weekend and why our apartment looks the way it does.

#2- I have Midterms and projects this week. (See #1)

#3- I can't find my kitchen counter... (See #1)

#4- I am SO SUPER PROUD of my little brother Joel!!!!! He is a State Champion now! And he has a pretty cool dunk video... check out my parent's blogs--- Mom and Dad.

#5- I am also VERY VERY PROUD of my boy!!!! He is now a Reserve Officer in training. He had his first class last night... which I was late to pick him up for, so he had to call his sister.... my bad...

Just a few things that were on my mind. :)

I'm off to study for a Midterm...



  1. Congrats Adam! We are proud of you too!! Study hard for your midterms, Megan!

  2. Keep going girl! You will look back one day when you are changing dirty diapers, rocking babies, and helping with homework, and you will be glad that you got the "education" part out of the way, so you can enjoy the next stage of your life!!!!!!!!