Thursday, February 24, 2011

College // Homework

Since I am a full time Early Childhood Education major, I thought it might be interesting to list the projects that I have due just within the next couple of weeks. If I seem a little twitchy the next time you see me, you'll now know why.

Project #1-

A research paper over Walt Disney's influence on family centered entertainment.

Project #2-

A to scale sketch of a kindergarten classroom on either poster board or computer.

Project #3-

A book summary over the book Bringing Up Boys.

Project #4-

A single page paper (single spaced) over the Apostle Paul.

I also have weekly assigned readings, on-the-side homework, choir rehearsal, quizzes, and that's just for school. Did I mention I'm a part-time employee at David's Bridal.... and I'm married?

I'm a little busy.

Oh, and this was also a way for you to keep me accountable. Remember my confession of being a procrastinator? :)

Hitting the books,

P.S- So far I have A's in all of my classes this semester! Yipee!!!

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