Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pee Wee Patch

I teach Pee Wee Patch on Wednesday nights at my church (the best church on earth... by the way...) for the 3-5yr. olds. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. :) The kids are so fun and I love how eager they are to learn the Bible stories. They really bless me more than I feel I could ever bless them.

Well, for as many spiritual things that go on the classroom there are just as many, if not more, non spiritual things.

I mean, like, I really feel they think it's confession time when they come to Pee Wee Patch. I hear everything from-

"I pooped in my pullup in the van."


"I got my pencil taken away because I was eating it."

I guess that's what you get when you work with kids though...

Here is a conversation that went around the coloring table last night-

M: I have the Sleeping Beauty movie at home. *starts singing one of the songs*

J: Yeah! We really do! We have superhero movies too!

G: I have Dora the Explorer at my Mommy's house...

N: I have an elbow!

Kids crack me up. :)

All smiles,

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  1. Ok, I left a post earlier, but it's gone. Did you cut me out? LOL.

    Just said, That's life with kids! Never a dull moment