Friday, February 25, 2011

Coming Soon // Home Tour

One of my favorite blogs... Smile and Wave... has started doing something really fun over at her place. She's started having home tours with some of her online friends, neighbors, and local friends!

She has done two home tours so far and I've loved both of them! One was for a family of seven living in what would seem to be a really small space for them... but it totally worked! It was also WAY stylish. :)

The next tour was especially inspiring for me because they were apartment dwellers. :) Also super stylish!

Check out the home tours--- HERE!

All of those home tours really did something for my creative gene. I've kind of hit a rut since I did my first official "rearranging" of Adam and I's apartment when we got married. I've been lacking either motivation or I've hit a creative-wall when it comes to these areas-

*I'm not in love with my craft room.

*Our bedroom could really use some work.

*There is nothing hanging on the walls.

*And I have a lot of WHITE doors... that just need some love. :)

There are other areas of the apartment that I absolutely LOVE though... so, I thought a goal was in order.

My very own home tour!

I am going to be spending the next couple of weeks working on the above areas in the hope of getting our home ready for it's Smitten with a Smidge debut.

I won't give an official launch time just yet... knowing myself I won't keep it... but I'll be posting little smidges of progress along the way. 


If you all get inspired to do your own home tour, join my flickr group {here} and I'll post photos of your lovely living spaces here too!

Hope you all enjoy the process!


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