Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nana and Papaw's

I just think this picture is so great. I can remember when it was just me, Levi, and Kye hanging out at Nana and Papaw's, and now look how big we are!

Here are some of the things I think of when I hear, "Nana and Papaw's House"-

1. Smooshed peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches. Papaw's specialty.

2. Getting my face washed with the same cold, wet washcloth that had just washed my two brother's and my cousin's face...

3. Playing out under the huge pinetrees that Papaw planted back when my dad was a kid. Did you know that my dad has jumped every single one of those trees?

4. Getting my picture taken... a lot. I didn't mind. ;)

5. Watching Richard Simmon's excercise tapes just for fun.

6. Using a half-folded table as a slide.

7. Singing. All the time.

8. Getting told to quit playing with the landing light upstairs because it messed up the picture on the TV downstairs...

9. Playing in the "secret" room underneath the staircase.

10. Jumping on the trampoline... for hours! "Tripper" was our favorite game that we made up. All I really remember about it was that it was dangerous...

I have many fond memories from Nana and Papaw's. 

I'm so thankful for my childhood. It was awesome. :)

A kid at heart,

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I love this boy so much! I'm so glad that I get to wake up to him every morning... well... he's coming to bed and I'm waking up, but at least I get to see him. :) 

Married life is going well, but that doesn't mean I don't miss our "honeymoon days". I know we are "technically" still in the honeymoon phase, but I miss us both being home together in our cozy, little apartment watching movies 24/7.

We still watch movies pretty close to 24/7, now it's just interrupted with those things called work, school, and social obligations.

Let's runaway to the beach, Baby... 

I miss the sand, the ocean, and our bungalow...

Although, I guess we were pretty happy to get back to Indiana. It's hard to keep a Hoosier away from home for long.

Let's just pull out our Jim and Pam faces and hit the Beet Farm this weekend instead.

I'm so glad I married my best friend. <3

He understands my humor.

In love,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Coming Soon // Home Tour

One of my favorite blogs... Smile and Wave... has started doing something really fun over at her place. She's started having home tours with some of her online friends, neighbors, and local friends!

She has done two home tours so far and I've loved both of them! One was for a family of seven living in what would seem to be a really small space for them... but it totally worked! It was also WAY stylish. :)

The next tour was especially inspiring for me because they were apartment dwellers. :) Also super stylish!

Check out the home tours--- HERE!

All of those home tours really did something for my creative gene. I've kind of hit a rut since I did my first official "rearranging" of Adam and I's apartment when we got married. I've been lacking either motivation or I've hit a creative-wall when it comes to these areas-

*I'm not in love with my craft room.

*Our bedroom could really use some work.

*There is nothing hanging on the walls.

*And I have a lot of WHITE doors... that just need some love. :)

There are other areas of the apartment that I absolutely LOVE though... so, I thought a goal was in order.

My very own home tour!

I am going to be spending the next couple of weeks working on the above areas in the hope of getting our home ready for it's Smitten with a Smidge debut.

I won't give an official launch time just yet... knowing myself I won't keep it... but I'll be posting little smidges of progress along the way. 


If you all get inspired to do your own home tour, join my flickr group {here} and I'll post photos of your lovely living spaces here too!

Hope you all enjoy the process!


A Wedding Story...

This is me and my Boy at one of his good friend's wedding. We were the wedding singers, and it was so much fun! The chapel they got married in had AMAZING accoustics, so that made it all the more fun to sing. 

We match too which makes us ultra adorable. <3

The very happy couple. This was the third wedding Adam has been in this year (including ours) and we have one more this summer. He's a popular guy. 

Here is the whole gang at the reception. This group is pretty funny when you get everyone together. There is lots of talk about D20's, Black Ops, comic books, and fine cuisine. It gets pretty entertaining. The girl's group has fondly been dubbed, "The D&D Wives." 

Yeah, we married those guys and we love every minute of it!

Yep. Those guys. :)

In love with a D&D player,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pee Wee Patch

I teach Pee Wee Patch on Wednesday nights at my church (the best church on earth... by the way...) for the 3-5yr. olds. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. :) The kids are so fun and I love how eager they are to learn the Bible stories. They really bless me more than I feel I could ever bless them.

Well, for as many spiritual things that go on the classroom there are just as many, if not more, non spiritual things.

I mean, like, I really feel they think it's confession time when they come to Pee Wee Patch. I hear everything from-

"I pooped in my pullup in the van."


"I got my pencil taken away because I was eating it."

I guess that's what you get when you work with kids though...

Here is a conversation that went around the coloring table last night-

M: I have the Sleeping Beauty movie at home. *starts singing one of the songs*

J: Yeah! We really do! We have superhero movies too!

G: I have Dora the Explorer at my Mommy's house...

N: I have an elbow!

Kids crack me up. :)

All smiles,

College // Homework

Since I am a full time Early Childhood Education major, I thought it might be interesting to list the projects that I have due just within the next couple of weeks. If I seem a little twitchy the next time you see me, you'll now know why.

Project #1-

A research paper over Walt Disney's influence on family centered entertainment.

Project #2-

A to scale sketch of a kindergarten classroom on either poster board or computer.

Project #3-

A book summary over the book Bringing Up Boys.

Project #4-

A single page paper (single spaced) over the Apostle Paul.

I also have weekly assigned readings, on-the-side homework, choir rehearsal, quizzes, and that's just for school. Did I mention I'm a part-time employee at David's Bridal.... and I'm married?

I'm a little busy.

Oh, and this was also a way for you to keep me accountable. Remember my confession of being a procrastinator? :)

Hitting the books,

P.S- So far I have A's in all of my classes this semester! Yipee!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something New // Continued

As I mentioned earlier, I've added something new to my blog today.

Anyone guess what it was?

My mom did. :)


It's my Project Restyle button!!! It's called 52 weeks of Restyling... basically it's a bunch of people joining together to share old things that they have either made new again, or completely restyled.

I thought this would be so fun, so I decided to join! I really want to find some old dresses that I can bring some new love too. I haven't found any yet, but I am for sure keeping my eye out!

You can read about the whole Project Restyle idea at A Beautiful Mess. This blog has been mentioned here before, but I just love it so much I have to mention it again! I never leave this site without feeling completely  inspired. :)

{One of my favorite projects...}

I am definitely ready for spring so I can get some new, fun projects rolling. Anyone else ready for spring projects?

Feel free to share them in the comments... :)

Feeling the fever,

Today // Something New

Wednedsdays are usually pretty busy for us. It is especially busy today though, because I have to work... ugh... Why is it that you always have to work on the days your bed feels the best, you have a million things to do at home, and you have somewhere to be that night?

I will never understand this. 

Here's what is on my list of things to do today (since you don't have enough on your own list to think about... I've decided to add mine... no need to thank me.)-

1. Go to the library

2. Clean the kitchen

3. Shower

4. Work 11a-4p

5. Cook dinner

6. Plan my lesson for Pee Wee Patch

7. Church

8. Pack Adam's dinner for work

9. Make 25 notecards for English Comp.

*the things already crossed out were not crossed out because they were done... they were the result of my addiction to the snooze button.

I had better drink some of Adam's coffee this morning...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I also added something new to my blog this morning... anyone spot it?

Well, if you did, leave me a comment. I'll be back later to describe what my new thing is.

I guess I just added something to my list....

10. Blog about my new thing

I'll be back... later...

Happy Wednesday!


Movie Review // Wild Target

Adam and I watched a movie recently (Haha. That made me laugh. Adam and I watch movies ALL the time... anyways... back to the post...) called Wild Target with Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, and Rupert Grint.

I totally give this movie a thumbs up! It was so cute and pretty funny. I'm a fan of the British, Office type humor and this plot is full of it. The story follows a British assasin as he goes on the mission to assisinate an art thief. There are a lot of funny, quirky situtations that happen as the tables turn in their adventure. Definitely a lighthearted comedy that's perfect for a date night.

Well, that's my movie review for the day. I'm sure it made your day a whole lot better for it.

Your movie expert,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zumba much?

I've never tried this form of exercise, but I am totally game... once I get a really good sports bra. I hear you shake... a lot...

Seriously though. I've always wanted to take a dance class, and because of my new found addiction to mini candybars, I'm thinking it's time for a change of lifestyle... involving some exercise.

Also, my boy just rocked the physical fitness portion of the Reserve Police training, so I think it's only fair to him that I look somewhat physically fit. I at least don't want to look jiggly... or smushy...

Plus, these people look like they're having a really good time in their spandex. And I'm all about the spandex.

Breaking out the stretch pants,

Dirty Little Secrets...

Following in the footsteps of a fellow blogger (read her's here), I am going to be airing some of my "dirty little secrets" today. I thought it sounded like fun, so here we go...

1. Just like Bree, I don't wash my hair everyday. I'm not really sure if it looks better the second day, but it sure saves me a lot of work!

2. I have not worn pantyhose to school (a cardinal rule) for about 2 weeks now... AND... I haven't received any demerits for it. Hehehe. :)

3. I keep a stash of candy in our apartment and I frequent that stash very often. I will be asking my mom if I can borrow her Slim in 6 DVD for the next few months...

4. I am a scaredy cat. On nights Adam works I keep every light and the TV on until I go to bed... then I run through the apartment in utter terror before jumping into bed to pull the covers over my head. I need help.

5. I am addicted to Hulu. We are getting Netflix on Thursday. I will be addicted to Netflix in approximately 36hrs.

6. Since my landlord told me that I coudn't get a dog or a cat, I have contemplated getting every other animal that he did not mention. Does anyone know if goats are hard to potty train?

7. I very rarely wash my face before bed... I know, I know. This is a terrible habit. I will be a wrinkly old lady with eye worms.

8. I am a procrastinator. Reason #1 why I haven't blogged since January 26th.

9. I hit the snooze button between 8-10 times before I will get out of bed. I'm late... a lot.

10. I have Bieber Fever. Thanks, Havanna. I am listening to Baby at this very moment.... again, I need help.

Please don't blackmail me,